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Coronavirus PSA

By Kennedy Hartman, David Hazday, and Ana Reano

ENC3312: Advanced Argumentative Writing (Fall 2020)
Instructor: Zack Shaw

For the Multimodal Meta-media Argument assignment, students could choose to make an argument in one of three different ways: a persuasive video podcast, an audiovisual public service announcement, or an imagetext argument. In any case, students were tasked with making an argument about a topic of their choice and additionally submitting a written document about their choices and overall media-making processes.  

Ana, Kennedy, and David chose to make a public service announcement with audio attachments within a slide-based presentation. I found their approach through slides innovative, and their graphics successfully guide their viewers through their points of information. They intended their project for those who had little information about the COVID-19 pandemic, hoping that spreading their researched information would combat other false information. The video interview at the end nicely rounds out their project with a credible source who provides support for their three main overall arguments.

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