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Habitat Destruction

By Isabella Lugo and Antony Thai

ENC3312: Advanced Argumentative Writing (Fall 2020)
Instructor: Zack Shaw

For the Multimodal Meta-media Argument assignment, students could choose to make an argument in one of three different ways: a persuasive video podcast, an audiovisual public service announcement, or an imagetext argument. In any case, students were tasked with making an argument about a topic of their choice and additionally submitting a written document about their choices and overall media-making processes. 

Isabella and Antony chose to make a public service announcement about habitat destruction and the environment. They took a serious tone for a serious topic and made specific calls to action for the changes they’d like to see. The musical accompaniment breaks up the tone a bit and provides background continuity. They separated their announcement into two distinct parts, and when Isabella takes over in the second half, the overall mood changes, which keeps the project as fresh and energized as it was from the start. All told, they used a number of different sources of media and wrote (and performed) a professional script.  


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