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Notes on Contributors

Bill Griffith

Bill Griffith started writing for underground comix in 1970, working on Yellow DogReal Pulp, and Young Lust. His most famous character, Zippy the Pinhead, has been syndicated in over 200 newspapers. Griffith is currently developing Zippy into an animated television series with Sunbow.

Eddie Campbell

Eddie Campbell has self-published graphic novels since 1975. His proflic career includes creating such comics as AlecBacchusHow to Be an Artist, and From Hell: his multi-award winning collaboration with Alan Moore. His most recent work, Batman: The Order of Beasts, is co-written by Darren White and published by DC Comics.

Sean Fenty

Sean Fenty is a PhD student at the University of Florida. He is interested in comics, new media and video games. He has published on hypertext and David Colb’s Socrates in the Labyrinth.

Diane Noomin

Diane Noomin is the creator of ‘Didi Glitz’ and the editor of the Twisted Sisters anthologies of women cartoonists. One of the original contributors to Wimmen’s Comix, she created the first Twisted Sisters Comix with Aline Kominsky Crumb in 1976. In 1981, she cooperated on a musical comedy based on her ‘DiDi Glitz’ comic.

Joshua Paddison

Joshua Paddison is a doctoral student in history at UCLA interested in the American West, religion, race, and culture. He is editor of A World Transformed: Firsthand Accounts of California before the Gold Rush (1999). He has written on temperance, California visual art, anticommunism in the San Francisco Bay Area, and comic books.

Sudha Shastri

Dr Sudha Shastri is an Assistant Professor in English in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Bombay, India. Her doctoral dissertation was published by Orient Longman in 2001, titled Intertextuality and Victorian Studies. Her research interests lie primarily in the areas of narratology and Indian Literature in English. Recent papers include work on the novels of Atwood, Marquez and Rushdie among others. She is also a trained singer in the Indian (Hindustani) classical music tradition.

Laurie Taylor

Laurie Taylor, PhD student at the University of Florida, researches video games, games, and digital media. She is currently working on a book length project on survival horror video games and she has had articles published in Game Studies: The International Journal of Computer Game Research and Media/Culture. She has also written a number of radio programs on games and digital culture for the public radio program “Recess!” with her most recent program on the history and popular play of word games.

Julian Wolfreys

Julian Wolfreys teaches at the University of Florida. His teaching and research is concerned with 20th-century British literary and cultural studies, literary theory, the poetics and politics of identity, and the idea of the city. Professor Wolfreys is most recently the author of Occasional Deconstructions and Writing London Volume 2: Materiality, Memory, Spectrality. Wolfreys is also the editor of Thinking Otherwise: Difference and Pedagogy and the General Editor of the Edinburgh Encyclopaedia of Modern Criticism and Theory.

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