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Notes on Contributors

Stephanie Boluk

Stephanie Boluk is a managing editor at Imagetext and a PhD student at the University of Florida studying visual rhetoric across multiple media. She is currently researching autobiographical modes of storytelling that are at the intersection between different visual and cultural traditions.

Sean Carney

Sean Carney is an Assistant Professor of Drama and Theatre in the Department of English at McGill University. His book Brecht and Critical Theory: Dialectics and Contemporary Aesthetics was published by Routledge in 2005. His essays have appeared in Theatre Journal, Essays in Theatre, the Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism, Modern Drama and Theatre Survey. A second comics scholarship essay is forthcoming in the Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies.

James (Bucky) Carter

James Bucky Carter is a Ph.D. student in English Education at the University of Virginia. He has had work accepted to the International Journal of Comic ArtImageTexTMarvels and Tales, and Greenwood’s Encyclopedia of African American Literature. Currently he is teaching a Young Adult Literature class and is editing and contributing to a volume of essays detailing how middle and high school teachers can use graphic novels in their classrooms to extend their students’ literary experiences.

Suzanne Covey

Suzy Covey is a Systems Librarian at the University of Florida. She holds a BA in Music from UC Berkeley and a MS in Library Science from Florida State. For the past several years she has written and presented in the area of comics scholarship, with interests in Carl Barks, Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, historical depictions, panel background details, XML encoding of comics, comic strips in general and For Better or For Worse in particular.

Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher is a writer and lecturer. He has a PhD in Philosophy and Literature from Warwick University and teaches Philosophy, Religious Studies and Critical Thinking at Orpington College, Kent. He was a founder member of the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit ( and now maintains the popular weblog k-punk (

James R. Fleming

James R. Fleming is an M.A. student at the University of Florida’s English Department. He is interested in 19th century British literature; theories and notions of testimony, confession, and witnessing in Romantic English literature; and popular superhero comics.

Nathan Gilder

Nathan Gilder is a digital artist specializing in 3D animation, web design and realistic character illustration. He earned his M.A. in Digital Arts & Sciences at the University of Florida and his B.F.A. at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Nathan is currently developing Terrasynth (, a company focused on bringing 3d content to the web, and freelancing illustration through his personal site (

Matthew Jones

Matthew T. Jones resides in Philadelphia, PA and is currently a Ph.D. student at Temple University, studying mass media and communication. His research interests include comic art, presence theory, and sexuality. For more information concerning past and future research projects visit

Vanessa Raney

Vanessa Raney is an MA student in English at Southern Connecticut State University this Fall 2005. Her thesis concerns the intersections of autobiographical memory, childhood and trauma in contemporary graphic novels/comics. She can be reached at

Emma Tinker

Emma Tinker is a second year PhD student in the English department at University College London, writing on representations of subjectivity in alternative comics. Her research focuses on the ways in which writers and artists use the comic book form to discuss ideas about identity and perception. She also teaches UCL undergraduate English courses.

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