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Notes on Contributors

Eric Berlatsky

Eric Berlatsky is Associate Professor of English at Florida Atlantic University. His first book, The Real, the True, and the Told: Postmodern Historical Fiction and the Ethics of Representation, is available from The Ohio State University Press. He has also edited a soon-to-be-available book of interviews with Alan Moore entitled Alan Moore: Conversations for The University of Mississippi Press. His critical essays appear in NarrativeTwentieth-Century LiteratureThe Journal of Narrative TheoryCultural CritiqueThe Arizona QuarterlyDickens Studies Annual and elsewhere.

Matthew Bolton

Matthew Bolton is a Ph. D. candidate at the Ohio State University. His work is in twentieth-century literature, narratology, rhetorical theory, ethics, and adaptation. He has published work on the adaptation of queer ethics in Brokeback Mountain, the function of letters in Shakespeare’s plays and historiographic ethics in Michael Ondaatje’s memoir Running in the Family. In addition, he has recently given presentations on autobiographical films, adapting stubborn ethics, Araki Yasusada’s poetry, the narrative structure of John Edgar Wideman’s short fiction and the ethical consequences of Updike’s adaptation of Joyce’s “Araby.” He is currently finishing a dissertation that develops a rhetorical approach to adaptation across media.

Anne Cirella-Urrutia

Anne Cirella-Urrutia earned a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at the University of Texas at Austin, TX in 1998. Her research has appeared in literary journals in France, Spain, Turkey, Romania and the USA. She likes to promote the internationalization of Francophone children’s literature and Bande Dessinée. Cirella-Urrutia currently teaches French at Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, Texas.

Megan Condis

Megan Condis is a doctoral candidate in English literature at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her dissertation project is about drawn women in American visual culture and includes discussions of comic books, animated films and virtual worlds.

Michael Dean

Michael Dean is a second-year PhD student in English Literature at Northern Illinois University. Over the past five years, he has taught rhetoric and composition at Chicago-area institutions and has incorporated visual studies and comics in his classrooms.  In his spare time, Dean works as an independent cartoonist producing his web comic, Slither and Friends.

Zara Dinnen

Zara Dinnen is a PhD student at Birkbeck College, University of London. Her research focuses on American culture in response to the digital era. She is currently working on issues of remediation and materiality in the work of Jonathan Lethem, McSweeney’s and the artist Cory Arcangel.

Rebekah Fitzsimmons

Rebekah Fitzsimmons is a PhD student in English at the University of Florida, where she recently completed her MA in English.  She received her BA in English/Creative Writing from Emory University in 2006. In addition to her concentration on children’s literature, her other interests include: cultural studies, canonicity, American literature, consumer culture and science fiction.

Jonathan Gaboury

Jonathan Gaboury is a Ph.D. candidate at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. His dissertation explores the procession as a deliberate, desirable, and destabilizing social formation in nineteenth-century American literature.

Andréa Gilroy

Andréa Gilroy is a doctoral student in Comparative Literature at the University of Oregon.  She studies twentieth century and contemporary American, Latin American, and Japanese literature, with a specific interest in the problems of narrative in comics and genre fiction.

Sean Macdonald

Sean Macdonald lectures in modern and contemporary Chinese literature, culture and media at the University of Florida. He has published on aesthetics, modernism and film studies. This article is part of a project on visual media in contemporary China.

Alison Mandaville

Alison Mandaville teaches comics, women’s studies and creative writing at Pacific Lutheran University. Her articles on comics have appeared in The International Journal of Comics LiteratureThe Comics JournalPhilology and the book Teaching the Graphic Novel. She received a Fulbright lectureship to Azerbaijan in 2007-08 where she explored contemporary literature and comic art of the region. In June 2010, she returned to Azerbaijan through a follow-on Fulbright grant to offer a creative writing workshop to Azerbaijani women writers and gather materials for further research in literature and comics. She is currently finishing an article for a book collection on comics and the Southern U.S. and editing a collection of contemporary Azerbaijani women’s fiction and poetry to be published in 2011.

Nancy Pedri

Nancy Pedri is Associate Professor of English at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her major fields of research include word-and-image relations in contemporary literature, photography in fiction, postcolonial criticism and cultural studies. She has edited Travelling Concepts III: Memory, Narrative, Image (ASCA UP, 2003) and co-edited a special issue of Poetics Today (Spring 2008) on photography in fiction. Other recent publications have appeared in International Journal for Canadian StudiesEssays on Canadian WritingTexteIn-between: Essays and Studies in Literary CriticismJournal of Literary Studies, and in Rivista di studi italiani.

Clinton L. Robison

Life-long comic book enthusiast Clinton L. Robison received his M.A. in English from Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow, OK. He has presented at the Pop Culture Association’s southwest area conference in the comics studies section, as well as hosted panels focusing on 20th century anime. His areas of research include visual media studies, pop culture studies, Romanticism, folklore and mythology.

Caleb Simmons

Caleb Simmons is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion at the University of Mississippi. His research interests include religious imagery in South Asian popular culture, gender portrayal in Indian myth and iconography, and the translation of popular Indian mythology into comic books and graphic novels. He is currently researching the temple and rituals associated with the goddess Chamundeshwari and their relationship with the Wodeyar Dynasty in medieval Mysore, India.

Walton Wood

Walton Wood is a PhD student at the University of Florida, where he has taught writing and literature courses. He specializes in Romantics with a focus on William Blake and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, but also dabbles in the general study of art, criticism, philosophy, science and mathematics.

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