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Notes on Contributors

Hiba Aleem is an adjunct faculty member at the Department of English, Writing, and Communication at Emmanuel College, Boston, where she teaches Global Literature and Film, Literary Methods, and Academic Writing. She is also a Fulbright Program scholar from Washington College, Chestertown, and a Ph. D in English from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She is currently co-editing two anthologies on Asian popular culture, and her research interests lie in the digital humanities, popular culture, women’s studies, comics studies, rhetoric, and global literature.

Laura L. Beadling earned her PhD in American studies from Purdue University in 2007. She currently teaches writing, literature, and film at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio. She has recently published on gender and voice over and Native American women filmmakers.

Ansley Burtch is a fourth-year undergraduate at the University of Florida. She is pursuing a double major in English and Spanish with minors in Botany and Women’s Studies. She is interested in ethnobotanical and ethnomycological investigations, and her current research centers on phylogenetic analyses of the family Melastomataceae. In her free time, she enjoys writing poetry, cooking dinners of ever-increasing elaborateness, and hunting for edible mushrooms.

Sam Cowling is an associate professor of philosophy at Denison University. He is the author of Abstract Entities (Routledge, 2017) and Philosophy of Comics (Bloomsbury, 2022) with Wesley D. Cray.

Margaret Galvan is Assistant Professor of Visual Rhetoric in the Department of English at the University of Florida. Her archivally-informed research examines how visual culture operates within social movements and includes a first book, In Visible Archives: Queer and Feminist Visual Culture in the 1980s, out now with University of Minnesota Press. In 2021-2022, she was in residence at the Stanford Humanities Center as the Distinguished Junior External Fellow researching a second book about how communities of LGBTQ cartoonists innovated comics through grassroots formats. See for more information.

Rachel M. Hartnett is a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow in the Writing and Communication Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She earned her PhD in English in 2023 from the University of Florida and her MA in English from Florida Atlantic University.

Karen Libby is a PhD student in English at the University of Florida. Her research interests include queer and gender theories, American literature, popular culture, and visual rhetoric. Her dissertation focuses on the community-building efforts of mid-to-late twentieth century American lesbian literature. Karen also teaches a variety of English and composition classes at the university.

Britney Megnath is an undergraduate senior at the University of Florida double majoring in Criminology & English. Learning about the law is her passion and she has committed as an incoming J.D. Candidate at the University of Florida Levin College of Law for August 2024. Her passion for research began in her position as a research assistant at LEAD (Legal, Eyewitness, and Applied Decision-Making Laboratory) Lab at University of Florida where she studied wrongful convictions. She aspires to continue research related to the law with a focus on public policy reform and racial justice. Some of her favorite pastimes include weightlifting, hiking, listening to new music, and baking.

Brandon Murakami (no author bio per author’s request)

Svitlana Stupak is currently a PhD student in American Studies at Faculty I (Arts and Humanities) at the University of Siegen, Germany, writing a dissertation on irony construction in American graphic narratives at the turn of the 21st century.

Brooke Tymoniewicz is an English and advertising undergraduate student at the University of Florida. Her literary interests lie in comics, the psychoanalytic concept of desire, and feminisms. Currently, Brooke is an e-commerce strategist for O’Reilly Auto Parts in their marketing department. In her free time, she can be found with her nose in a book, watching independent films, or teaching cycling classes.

Julia Whisenhunt is a student at the University of Florida, aiming towards a BA in Digital Arts and Sciences. She studies video game development, with a specification in 3D modeling, and is passionate about pursuing this towards a career working in the arts department of games. In her free time, Julia creates 2D illustrations, crochets, and plays with her pet bunny, Calla.

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