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Assignment Description 

This zine was created in ART 490, senior studio. Senior studio is a collaborative space for graduating students to pursue self-directed projects. This is similar to an independent study, but with everyone working in the same room and giving feedback throughout the design process. At the beginning of each senior studio semester, students fulfill a 30 day challenge. The challenge for graduating seniors: take a risk, and work on it daily for 30 days. Megan used this prompt to tell a personal story. She brought together her skills as a visual journalist (@concertblackart on IG/FB) and a writer (who primarily does UX writing) for the first time.



Megan Biggs is a multi-disciplinary designer, writer, and artist. Her practice spans visual journalism, UX content design, graphic design, and painting. Megan is a graduating senior at the University of Idaho, c/o spring 2022. Connect with her at or

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